Vanessa-profile-photoNessessities was set up after realising that the everyday hygienic products that I used were affecting my kids. I have three children, two of whom suffered from skin irritations, but my daughter suffered the worse, from eczema and unknown skin irritations.

By the process of elimination, I discovered that the soap played a major part to the problem, but I was unaware that even the store recommended ‘natural’ soap was not even helping. I settled for steroid creams and many other options to help ease the day and mainly night inflammations. Yes, I knew applying steroids were harmful but I felt like I didn’t have any other options. By luck, and I think fate, I came across a Western Australian made natural soap company, otherwise known as Corrynne’s Natural soap. After trying the soaps, it had helped my daughter immensely and now, almost after a year of researching, testing and picking out the most popular scents, I am able to stock these items for you! along with other skincare products.

As consumers, you need to be aware about the ingredients in the products you use. What’s labelled on a package isn’t always the truth. In fact, there are many chemicals we apply to our bodies (and even consume) that is illegal in some countries OR deadly, if used in higher quantities. This is why I began the company, as I am passionate about ensuring our future generations are aware that going natural is the best way to go.

I want to make it easier for you to shop at Nessessities and know that all the research hard work has been done for you and shop with us in confidence knowing that you’re purchasing safe, natural, chemical free products from our store to your door.

I look forward to any emails or messages you may have for me and will reply back to you within an hour of receiving any queries.