What is an essential oil?

Essential oils are natural plant based oils (this means volatile liquid extracted from the plants bark, stem, leaves, seeds etc or otherwise known as the blood force of the plant), that support and enhances many of our everyday activities and life changes. It is important for you to take the time to understand that there are different grades of oils!

BE aware that not all essential oils are at its purest form. Most oils are adulterated, that is, the oils contain synthetic chemicals or compounds in turn, will have the opposite effect to your body, causing headaches, dizziness and rashes, amongst other things. In Austraila, as long as the company has 15% of oil in the bottle, sadly, they’re allowed to label it as 100% pure. This is why it is important to research into the company you purchase your oil from.

Therapeutic grade essential oils are what you need and this can be found here with Young Living. 

What is so Different about Young Living Essential Oils?

Founder Dr Gary Young discovered this over twenty years ago, with more than 30 years of researching, where he studied the differences in quality and the power of the oil at its purest form. In order for this to happen he and his team committed into researching when the oils were at its most potent to then extract the contents for use. There are 11 Young Living farms, all owned by Gary to monitor the process of oil extraction. It had enabled him and his team to grow, harvest and distil the highest and largest line of essential oils an oil blends in the world.

Seed to Seal Process

There are 5 steps in the Seed to seal process, when capturing the oils. Why it is done this way is to ensure that there is the optimal blend of plant chemicals retained in the oil for maximum potency.

Step 1 – Seed selection. The best seeds are picked to produce the highest value

Step 2 – Cultivation. Weed and pest control are carefully monitored. For example, all the weeds hand picked as opposed to using weed killers. This is to keep the soil rich in enzymes which is most important because the plants absorb the vitamins, nutrients, minerals and nutrients. The better the plant is fed, the better the oil will be, hence why they’re so powerful.

Step 3 – Distill. Combining ancient and modern techniques, a gentle steam extraction technique when distilling effective essential oils.

Step 4 – Test. The oils are tested right on location, as soon as the oils come of the separator where ensure they’re pure and potent. Diluted, cut or adulterated oils are not accepted. This is important as determining the right time for the harvest and distillation to get the richest oils to get the highest quality.

Step 5 – Seal. All oils are carefully bottled and only touch stainless steel or glass throughout the distillation process. This retains the potency of the oils. Controlling the amount of oil that drips out   to separate and capture the finest oil.

Ways to use the oils:

  1. Inhalation – Inhaling directly from the bottle heightens the senses and can have many positive effects. Can also be diffused (through a cold water diffuser)
  2. Topically – apply 2-3 drops on your hand and apply over the desired area. The temples, foot and over vital organs are most effective.
  3. Food Additive – 31 oils culinary oils all approved by the FSA (Food Standards Australia)

Ways to Purchase the oils

  1. Buy at retail prices
  2. Buy at wholesale prices –

When you purchase the oils at a wholesale price, you receive a 24% discount off the retail price and you can further earn reward points which can be exchange for free products

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